Saturday, September 27, 2008


My roommates and friends are downstairs. One of my roomies made us dinner - shrimp alfredo and baked potatoes. I had a baked potato with salsa and a cider. In a little bit she's going to ice and serve the cake. Later, after we've digested a bit, we're going to break out some wine and cheese.

I can do this. I really can. My stomach is not as big as I think it is, I'm not as globby as I think I am. I am going to enjoy eating a meal my wonderful roommate made and I am not going to hate myself for it. Dammit.


Anonymous said...

So I'm sorry that I am a total blog stalker, but I thought I should tell you that I love you. And that dorky as it may sound, I am proud of you; you are amazing.

On a related note, you are sexy as all fucking hell.

Emily said...

That's a good attitude to have-- that you're going to enjoy the rest of dinner and not hate yourself for it. I hope it turned out that way.