Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I saw this ad on a bus stop shelter yesterday. It upset me - another caricature of a fat kid chowing down. The sponsoring organization, the Center for Closing the Health Gap, has been taken to task by the National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance.

I'm siding with the NAAFA about the ad, but it's not a condemnation of the CCHG, either. Their mission:
To lead the efforts to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in Greater Cincinnati through advocacy, education, and community outreach.
Nothing wrong with that. The Center is doing good, needed work in the face of plenty of challenges. The ad was part of their "Do Right" campaign, which includes fitness demonstrations, nutrition workshops, and a community garden. The ad appears to be a misstep. I hope they come up with a better one soon - they need good press, not negative.

Article in today's Cincinnati Enquirer. Don't read the comments.

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Anonymous said...

I know you said not to read the comments, but I figured, "Hey, I hang around on the Internet a lot, how could they possibly get to me?"

Now my jaw has actually hit the floor, and I kind of want to smack every person in Cincinnati in the face. Ugh.