Sunday, August 3, 2008

Et tu, Anthony?

Note to the Travel Channel: this exchange between Ted Nugent and Anthony Bourdain is not a "discussion" about obesity. It is a hateful, cruel diatribe.

I'm so angry. I liked you, Anthony Bourdain. Your acerbic, sarcastic wit and bellyaching got me through a raging UTI this past New Year's Eve. My father even thought you were funny.

But you're not being funny here. You're being cruel, stereotypical, and hateful. You don't seem to realize that "curing" obesity isn't simply a matter of eating your fruits and veggies. How often do you, flying in first class, have to deal with someone "spilling" into your seat? I'd wager not very often. And yet you don't seem to grasp the relationship between poverty and obesity. Come ride a Greyhound bus with me, bitch.

And Ted, your statement about "mentally deranged" people is downright offensive. My eating habits are pretty fucked up, but I'd prefer not to be called "deranged."

I'm really upset about this. I enjoyed Mr. Bourdain's show quite a bit - now I don't think I can stomach (haha) watching it again.

Thanks to Womanist Musings for the link.

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Renee said...

anytime we just gotta keep calling this kind of shit out whenever we see it. Thanks for the link back.