Friday, August 15, 2008

I was doing so well

And then today. I tagged along to my sisters' doctor appointments so I could go shopping (combining trips y'know). And they took forever. I was so hungry that other people in the waiting room were looking at me when my stomach growled. Surely the Recovering Anorexic can handle a little hunger, right? That's the thing - I couldn't. You used to be so good at this! Control yourself. I thought. Not healthy. I had a granola bar with me, but if I couldn't eat that and lunch- too many calories! The inevitable crankiness that comes from hunger didn't help my mental state, either. I think my mother wanted to swat me - I would have deserved it.

So we finally ate lunch (mall food court - thank God for Chik-fil-a) and commenced shopping. Note - Forever 21 does have great bargains, yes. But the store has no perceivable layout. It's like all the closets in OU's sorority houses threw up in a giant white room. And then there are the clothes - more notably, the sizes. Unless you actually want to look like you were Saran-wrapped into your outfit, you're going to need a large. And good luck finding those - a salesperson told me "we only get like one or two larges" with every shipment. Trying on such body-conscious clothes ... makes you body-conscious. Every bulge, every lump was screamingly obvious.

Most of the clothes are crap anyway. I don't have to try that hard to be ugly.

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