Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well howdy

Well hey there - wait, is this thing still on?

I know my last entry was on a positive note, but March took the fucking mickey out of me. A lot of things piled up, not in the least Jim's car being stolen. We got it back, thankfully - but really, who the hell steals a ten-year-old minivan? April was better, but only just.

You'd think I'd have 8 million things to say, and I'm sure I will when I think of them. One is that I'm glad to be back in the blogosphere. I've been reading and commenting, but I sure did miss y'all. Telling Jim my thoughts and feelings is wonderful, but it's also nice to tell you guys, too.

The one big thing to share is that Jim and I have decided to put off the wedding until next summer. WE ARE STILL GETTING MARRIED. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH OUR RELATIONSHIP. That's something we've been having to explain a lot to our families. When Jim's car was stolen, it made us realize just how hard it would be to put on a wedding this summer - in terms of both money and time. So we argued and discussed and cried (at least I did) and then I talked to my mom and fought and cried some more; and then just as I was about to head for the courthouse everything was all right again. I was sad for a while - the thought of a wedding was something that kept me going through those awful months last fall - but now I feel relieved. I can relax this summer. We can take a minibreak (in the immortal words of Bridget Jones).

I'm a bit rusty at this, so I'll write more later about my body and where I am in my recovery. Dare I put the "-ed" on that word yet? We'll see.


Cammy said...

Lisalisalisa! So glad to have an update from you! Very sorry that this spring has been rough for you. It sounds like you and Jim are making a very smart decision, though. And although the event is indeed important, it's the relationship it's founded upon that matters, so you'll have a year to strengthen that even more before the big day. Are you done teaching for the school year? Hope ED stuff is going well, you deserve nothing but the best. Keep us in the loop!

ola said...

I am glad you are "back", Lisa!
And 2011 seems to be perfect year for marriage;) You'll be one year older, wiser, happier and healthier than now. Looking forward to next posts!

Sarah (your sister) said...

Oh hey, you do still exist on the Internet! For what it's worth, I was trying to help out from this end, with the people and the stuff and the things. (Uh, sorry, there were drinks tonight.)

Aaaaanyway. I agree with the above commenters--2011 is a great time to get married! And by then I might even have figured out how one throws a wedding shower, or something.

Sarah said...

AHHHHHHH an update why did I not SEE this?!!!!! I love the minibreak reference--what an amazing movie. You and Jim can make the announcement about the delayed wedding using a video post of you driving off in the rental car or new car or whatever replaced the minivan and your scarf blowing off your head into the wind...

Anyway, I'm glad. This sounds hard to handle but now you have something ELSE to look forward to for a whole 'nother year!