Thursday, July 9, 2009


1. Today I took a little girl's lipgloss because she wouldn't put it away when I asked her to. I forgot it was in my pocket when we left for the day. I am a terrible person.

2. Today is a victory because I didn't get peed on. No. Really. That happened to one of my colleagues.

3. Today I was videotaped. I have to watch it tomorrow. There is little I despise more than seeing myself on camera, except seeing myself on camera as I UTTERLY FAIL to get any educational message whatsoever across to my students.

4. Today I was always. Sticky. Always.


OldeWhig said...

Re: #4

Like a pornstar!

emily said...

I am sure you are doing great, teaching is hard! Just be happy you Could take the lipgloss, a teacher at my school had a similar situation with a cell phone but when he took it the girl grabbed his broken finger and twisted it.

Sarah (your sister) said...

Just give her back the lipgloss tomorrow--you are not at all a terrible person for forgetting.

I hate watching myself on tape, too, but last time it was assuaged by a large quantity of alcohol. I don't suppose that is an option for you this time, though. :(

Silly Girl said...

You are doing great. I have friends who are teachers. Teaching isn't easy but you are leaving a good impression on the students. They may not know it now but someday they will realize it.

Harriet said...

When I taught 4 year olds I was always covered with Gogurt. That stuff is gross. Turned me off yogurt for years.

And you are not a terrible person for forgetting to give back the child's lipgloss. Just don't use it!

Wrapped up in Life said...

I have to hand it to you, Lisa. I suppose if I wanted to cure myself of any OCD behavior I too could teach and leave work 'sticky'!

Way to go. i bet you are an awesome teacher!

Sarah said...

Dude, Lisa, deep breaths. Deep breaths.

This is SUPPOSED to be hard. No one wants to teach these kids because it's hard, remember? That's why they make you try out and go through rounds of interviews and tryouts. If they picked you, they obviously thought you were competent. TFA has been doing this for years--they know potential when they see it! And they know a learning curve--that's why you have your teachers' academy!

So, remember the mantra "progress not perfection" and just keep trying to improve one thing each day--whether it's your attitude about it, remembering the students' names, holding their attention a little bit longer in the lesson, whatever...otherwise you will definitely continue to feel completely stressed all day. You can't get everything right all at once. My friend who did TFA says this took her 2 months to learn--two months when she cried every night because, like you, she was used to getting everything right. This is supposed to be one of the hardest things you ever do. Don't expect brilliance from yourself right away.

That being said, your job sounds icky. What age group are you teaching? It sounds ...varied?

I Hate to Weight said...

this sounds really hard. everything's new. did you ever read Up the Down Staircase about a teacher's first year in a difficult school? if you haven't, i so recommend it.

hope you're keeping notes.