Thursday, July 30, 2009

They say the JumboTron adds twenty pounds

Tonight were the closing ceremonies for Teach for America's Philadelphia Summer Institute. Some of my colleagues shared stories, there was a speech, and then the most amazing video montage (a la Lifetime movies) ever. Teachers and students hard at work, learning and instructing - and I was in it. Only for about two seconds, but I was up there. On the GIANT SCREEN.

And to be perfectly honest, I did not notice what I looked like. I did not notice if my recent additional poundage made me look chunky. All I saw was how happy I looked and how happy my kids were.

So I will be okay. I will take care of my body and get to a place where I am maximally functional and comfortable with myself, and dare I say a bit sexy. I am going to be a good teacher - not tomorrow, not the first day of school, but I will be.


I Hate to Weight said...

Wow. congratulations! what an achievement, all around. We need more people like you in this world.

how exciting that you didn't notice what you weighed -- you noticed how happy you look. and how wonderful that you are happy.

Harriet said...

Yes you will - you'll be a great teacher!

Wrapped up in Life said...

YAY!!!! For being HAPPY and recognizing it :)

Sarah (your sister) said...

Yaaay for being in the montage! I got you a combination birthday present/souvenir that I will send to you. When you tell me your address. ;)

I MISS you!