Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First day

Thirteen four-year-olds. That phrase didn't terrify me before today. And my class is supposed to have a full twenty-two students.

Granted, there are two student teachers in the room at all times. This does not, however, guarantee that any of your students will learn a darn thing.

No one bled. No one hit. No one had an accident and only three people cried. I'll take that for the first day.

Eating like a hoss. Stress eating is never a good thing.


OldeWhig said...

1. It is permissable to eat all types of monkeys

2. Some monkeys are smarter than 4 year olds

3. Therefore: it is permissable to eat all 4 year olds


Silly Girl said...

Glad you had a good first day! Here's to many more good days!

Wrapped up in Life said...

"No one bled".


Kristina said...

This is totally off-topic for your post, but there is a NYTimes interview with Wendy Kopp, the founder of TFA.

I Hate to Weight said...

i hate stress eating. it's not fair. it's mean to ourselves. it makes us feel awful, when we really need comfort.

i have started blogging when i'm stressed. or talking, talking, talking

hope you find a way to soothe yourself.

i can't imagine doing what you're doing. you're a hero.