Sunday, July 26, 2009


Trying to live up to what I said in my earlier post. EPIC FAIL. I cannot stand myself.


Cammy said...

You are being too hard on yourself, my friend. With all you have accomplished, your worth is measured by way, way more than whatever you happened to eat today. You need energy, both mental and physical.

Also, I am sure all those kiddos you are working with really look up to you, and I am equally sure that they do so for reasons that have nothing to do with calories or pounds. You're doing an amazing thing with TFA, and don't deserve to let the ED overshadow that. Like you said in your last post, it's a work in progress, please don't get discouraged or lose hope. I think you are stronger than you realize. Hang in there and please treat yourself kindly.

PS the word verification is "ineatio," how many ED puns could we make out of THAT?

Harriet said...

One step forward, two steps back. Be kind to yourself.

ola said...

Keep trying Lisa! You are certainly in big stress, but you are doing great thing and I am sure your little student adore you.

Sometimes I think kids are so "absorbable" for new informations and skills just because they can´t really think about themselves and evaluate themselves. They don´t know their weight and what a kilocalory is.

Take care, things will be ok!