Saturday, June 7, 2008

Downloading anxiety

1. I am pretty sure the directors of the DRC program already dislike me. I've sent them about 600 paranoid/clueless emails since March. I made a business-etiquette gaffe that still makes my skin crawl. Right or wrong, part of success comes down to being liked by the right people. Generally your bosses/supervisors fall into that category.
2. Tomorrow I am going to climb into a big hunk of metal which will enter the lower atmosphere. And STAY THERE. WTF.
3. The fifth-grader who lurks at the back of my mind is absolutely certain that no one will like me. As soon as I get off the plane I'm going to morph back into the painfully self-conscious, braces-wearing, nervously giggling person I used to be.
4. What was I thinking? I can't do this. I'm not smart enough/old enough/creative enough.
5. The boyfriend is driving his old van to D.C. today. It has all his earthly possessions in and thus it's riding about 2 inches from the asphalt. I am certain this will either cause an accident or will induce highway patrol to search his vehicle, and probably him, for narcotics.
6. I gained a pound and a half. Believe me, it's anxiety-inducing.

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howison said...

Lisa, you'll be fine. We all have that awkward 5th grader in us, but no one is going to dislike you. You're smart at what you do and, judging by your contest win, you can write amazingly. You'll do great.