Monday, September 7, 2009

Good weekend and anxiety

Yesterday Jim and I went exploring. There's a little river town called Occaquan just south of us, and we spent a few hours walking around the shops. I ate *gasp* two truffles (well, one and a half; the raspberry filling was weird). We got great deals on Irish wool scarves and found a couple cute wine shops.

We did, however, have a spat about food. I didn't believe that the gelato was 98% fat free, and I wouldn't have gotten it anyway. Jim wanted some, then I said I didn't want any, and then he said he didn't want any. So then we argued about it.

Still, we had a good time. I really want to take my parents and his parents there when they get down here to visit.

And school starts up again tomorrow whether I want it to or not. And believe me, I don't.


Cammy said...

I think gelato is chemistry's consolation prize to everyone who ever toiled over a periodic table in high school. I don't know HOW they make it oh so silky and creamy with so little fat, but it was seriously a year before I could tolerate regular ice cream again after getting discovering gelato in Italy one summer.

I'm glad you go to go exploring and relax a little bit. Hang in there, remember it takes TIME for kids to warm up to people and everything is still very new. Also, if this were an easy job then they wouldn't be recruiting fresh college grads to do it, you are a hero whether you realize it or not!

(Word verification is "cussetr", say it fast and it sounds like "cuss at her," not a very nice password for leaving a comment...)

Just Eat It! said...

Gelato, even though it's made differently, is very similar to ice cream. It just tastes better. I got addicted to it while I was staying in North Carolina.

What's funny is that I went to Occoquan today. All the little shops were closed minus the Christmas store.

Harriet said...

Sounds like fun - even with the gelato fight.

To me, anything that tastes that good has got to be bad for me.

Lisa said...

J.E.I. - no way! How funny. Sorry everything was closed. You'll have to go back sometime and get some dulce de leche truffles (they are WORTH IT).

Kristina said...

Good luck today! And I'll be honest - most teachers I know (and I'm including myself in this) do anticipate the first weeks back with a combination of dread and excitement. Especially the first year. I don't know if that helps or if you are sick of people offering their perspective.
But what you are doing is hard stuff, so be kind to yourself.
- Kristina

Tiptoe said...

Yeah to truffle eating, gelato, and exploring outdoors!

I hope this week goes better for you. Hang in there. Dealing with kids is hard, and it does take time.

I Hate to Weight said...

have you seen the book, HUNGER, by Crystal Renn? i just finished it, and it does give some relief. she was super-starved, super skinny model who's now a gorgeous, voluptuous plus-size model.

it helps (some) with body image and eating.

of course, you probably don't have much time to read