Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today's guffaw

Want to know what I looked like in high school?

Yeah. I was THAT COOL in 2005.

I was also kind of pretty. And had impressively shiny hair.

But I never would have believed that if you told me.


I Hate to Weight said...

i'm glad you can now see who you were then - a great young woman...with magnificent hair. take it from a frizz-ball, you were gorgeous.

so sad how we felt about ourselves. as badly as i feel now, NOTHING will ever match the self-hatred of junior and senior high

Cammy said...

Kinda pretty? Bah, my friend, you were/are VERY pretty! I know that day-to-day it's hard to appreciate yourself, but just think, if you underestimated yourself back then and are realizing it now, there's a strong chance that current self-criticisms are too harsh too...just something to think about.

Sarah (your sister) said...

You have always been gorgeous, hon. Inside and out. But I know it's hard to believe that when you can't see it yourself.

(PS: You should totally make the slow loris a regular part of the blog.)

e.motions and ana.lysis said...

I'm glad you posted a picture; now I have an idea of what the person behind the blog looks like (because I was darn positive it wasn't the primate in the picture!). And oh my, the big eyes on that slow loris. Perhaps it's gazing at your (inner and outer) beauty? :)

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