Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My classroom - not just my school, but my classroom in particular - is being inspected by the FEDERAL Head Start next week. Yeah. NOW everyone above me is finally paying attention and realizing that I never received the training, support and supplies that I was supposed to - because I didn't even know they existed. And if I go down, they go down too.



Sarah said...

Wow. Um, don't know what to say about this one! This is crazy!

It's not your fault if anything does go wrong, at least. Maybe it will get you the stuff and training you deserve and should have.

Just consider yourself a whistleblower if something goes wrong!

Harriet said...

I agree, maybe this will be a wake up call to the people who were supposed to actually do their job. Nothing is your fault here!

Silly Girl said...

It is not your fault. I hope the higher ups will give you the support you need.

I Hate to Weight said...

how are you otherwise? you are handling SO much. you're incredibly brave and strong.

good luck with everything and let us know.

remember, you're brand new at this.

take care!!!

Sarah (your sister) said...

If you've got to go down, take 'em all down with you! ;) But I think you will be fine. Obviously the program needs to alter stuff, but they can't possibly blame you for that.

PS: You are so smart, you should kiss your brain. I mean it. :)