Sunday, December 6, 2009


1. I am scared shitless about this week and the big review. A bird flying into my classroom would be the least of my worries (that really happened this past Thursday).

2. My hair has finally grown out a little from my recent disastrous haircut and is starting to look normal again. This is probably racist or discriminatory, but I need to find an inexpensive salon where the language barrier between me and the stylists is not so great.

3. I'm so, so afraid that people will give up on me. I'm afraid that I will give up on me. I really am quite fearful that people will drop out of my life, which is strange because I don't have a history of abandonment.

4. I'm frustrated that my new therapy sessions aren't immediately having a miraculous effect. Which is silly, because I know from great experience that while therapy is many things, it is not fast.

5. More about therapy - my new doc, Dr. L (actually a grad student, but whatev) looks exactly like a younger version of Dr. M. Their mannerisms are completely different, but the eyes are eerily similar.

6. Jim makes the. best. black bean soup EVER. I could eat bowlfuls of the stuff and not care about the resultant gastric distress.

7. Instead of a tree, we put up lights around our hydroponic garden. I'll post a picture later.


Cammy said...

7. I like the lighted hydroponics idea! What are you growing?

4. It always takes a while to warm up to a new therapy team and really connect, at least in my experience. Even with H., who turned out to be great, it took a good 6 months before I was truly comfortable. Just keep swimming...

3. What day is the review? Good luck and don't be nervous, just be yourself. And remember they are 100% aware that you will probably be nervous and worried, they are used to that.

Sorry for the backwards sequence there. I hope your week is off to a good start, take care and treat yourself kindly!

Sarah said...

7. cracked me up!!! I love it.

And Cammy (per usual) said what I would have said, had I read this earlier. It takes a while. After 4-6 sessions you'll know if this is the right person for you and you'll be able to either see some progress or decide to move on. I am really proud of you for going.

Has the review happened yet? I think so?! Please update us!