Saturday, December 19, 2009

Randoms in the snow

1. The D.C. metro area is being socked by the BIGGEST MOST MAJOR-EST SNOWSTORM OF 2009 OMG GEEZ buy toilet paper. It's actually almost as bad as local newsmedia (hi Matt!) is making it out to be - we have pretty substantial drifts in the parking lot.

2. Yesterday I tried on pants that I haven't worn in a while and they did not fit. And I did not freak out. They were too small and they looked too small - like, ludicrously small. I thought to myself, I'm not the same person I was eighteen months ago, so it's okay if my body isn't the same, either.

3. Today that justification seems a little thin (no pun ... okay sorry).

4. In addition to being stuck in a job and a body I'm not currently fond of, now I'm stuck in the apartment. But I like the place and I like the company I have, so it's really not so bad.


Harriet said...

I'm in the same storm you're in - but on the other side of the river. As much as I like being home, I don't like not being able to leave.

lisalisa said...

yeah, some of the new clothes i got for my birthday (last month) dont fit me anymore. I hate clothes!
As for the snow, i say, snuggle up with your honey and enjoy the down time!

I Hate to Weight said...

i particularly hate jeans. i don't know why people like them and say they're comfortable. they're just devices of torture.

i'm snowed in too. i'm having control issues -- i really want to be out and about. oh well.

good work, lisa. it's not easy when clothes are too (unhealthfully) small. you handled it well.

your apartment sounds nice.