Monday, September 6, 2010

What a teacher loves

Preschool teachers love many things, among them:

  • parents who are involved but not too involved
  • parents who have realistic expectations (no, your daughter will not be writing full sentences by her fourth birthday)
  • a reliable coffee-maker that is consistently refilled
  • planning periods
  • specials teachers - you librarians, you music teachers, you gym instructors (you, my friends, have immense power - your decision to come in or not can profoundly impact our day)
  • outdoor recess
  • the common ground provided by Dora, Diego and Spongebob
  • pull-ups - not gonna lie, I'd rather throw away a pull-up than pack a student's sodden pants, underwear and socks into a plastic bag (only to have the student forget to take it home and come in the next morning to the ... aroma)
  • students who say please and thank you
And finally
Believe me, I care about my students deeply (and this year is SO MUCH BETTER than last year), but damn if an extra day off doesn't make all the difference in the world to my mental health. This has been a great weekend, and I feel ready to take on those little people tomorrow.

And everyone really dislikes back-to-school night. Ugh, another medley of patriotic songs (photo)


Cammy said...

Really glad to hear that this year is off to a better start! Take care and keep us updated on your adventures with the little people! ;)

ola said...

It is great you have teacherpower after good long weekend!

Btw. "little people" In pediatry our doctors they've said like gazilion times (really every day): "Child is not a little adult." ;)

Have long naptimes and lot of special teachers' visits Lisa!

I Hate to Weight said...

wonderful post, lisa. i am sooooo glad this is year is sooo much better.

nothing beats a long weekend. i'm all for four day work weeks anyway. we work too hard!

Kristina said...

Oh jeez, today was my first day in the classroom - with 'bigger kids' - and I'm totally pooped. My voice is shot, and I can't remember how I've done this so many times before...
I love list, and, yes, back-to-school-night is hell. Okay, not really, but it ranks up there as a painful experience.
Glad that you enjoyed the weekend - and glad that things are off to a better start.

Eating Alone said...

Love the list. I don't have kids but used to work in the office of a small school, I would run when the little kids came by. Big kids are much easier to deal with, sometimes.