Sunday, September 12, 2010

Opposite Day

I feel the exact opposite of how I felt this past Monday. I'm grouchy, I'm irritable, I'm bitchy. Is this related to Aunt Flo's visit tomorrow and even though I'm living better chemically, sometimes it gets to me? Yes (she said, beating her inner feminist with its own army boots). Is this related to the busy week and equally busy weekend I've had? That too. Professional development from 9-5 really takes the mickey out of you.

On days like this the smallest things get to me. A shirt I haven't worn in a couple years was just a bit tighter than most things I wear and it made me nuts. I got massively upset over nothing this morning. After I finish this, I have to cut out several dozen paper shapes. Right now Jim is playing
an online game that is accompanied by the most grating, idiotic music imaginable. My iTunes is turned way up, but every time a song ends I hear it. I know that if I ask him to turn it down, it'll come out so bitchy that he'll get offended and I'll get upset again. I'm really hankering for some mindless TV, but we've decided to cancel cable in order to save money for the wedding. I know it's the right choice, but dammit right now I would cut off a finger to watch The Real Housewives of D.C. Or something at that level of desperation. Jim appears to have no problem with the shutoff, which just just makes me more irritated that I can't be that virtuous.

ZOMG I'm bitchy. I know this the result of a potent mix of hormones and fatigue and work stress, and I know that it will pass, but I am absolutely wallowing in this shitty mood. I know I love Jim and he loves me and someday we'll have cable again. I know he will not be play
ing this game forever, and I know someday The Real Housewives will be on Netflix and I can watch it whenever I want. Heck, I might even get to meet a DC housewife someday. Anything is possible.

And yes I'm going to ask him to turn it down.

If this doesn't make you feel a little better about life, you might be dead, and I have a strict no-zombies policy with this blog.


lisalisa said...

maybe you could catch the show on Hulu or Youtube? I am staying somewhere without cable for awhile and not being up to date with Teen Mom is killing my soul.

Harriet said...

I feel bad - I think we have too much cable. Every damn channel, and on demand and DVRs and Tivos. It's crazy.

I have an idea for you - potholders!

ola said...

have a kitten Lisa
or read Harry Potter
accept these days, maybe they are necessary for homeostasis.

I Hate to Weight said...

"a potent mix of hormones and fatigue and work stress". this is my current state of mind. i got Aunt Flo at work today. i was the most, awful miserable, crying woman yesterday. cranky, crazy, howling at the moon.

today, i'm just cranky.

we don't have cable. i have learned to not want the tv on at all. the noise drives me crazy, and that's not just the hormones talking!