Saturday, December 20, 2008

Too much reality

Dear self:

You are not going to solve all the issues facing you tonight.

Yes, there is a lot on your plate. That stopped being funny a while ago, didn't it? But you are an intelligent, hardworking, capable person. You will finish your thesis, you will get a job, and you will move to D.C. You will get to see Jim next week. You will have a wonderful Christmas with your family. About that - your weight will not balloon. It hasn't these past few weeks, has it? You're fine.

One thing at a time. Remember everyone you have in your corner. Remember everything you've gained and all you have to offer. People like you because you are worth liking.

Now go enjoy some wine and cheese with your sisters. And watch a movie.


Anonymous said...

I have copied this, edited a fraction and stuck it to my fridge. Brief but perfect, Lisa. And pretty much what most of us needed to be reminded of, thanks for sharing.

Lola x

Gaining Back My Life said...

Yes, you are worth liking, dare I even say LOVING :)

Beautiful post, Lisa.

Anonymous said...