Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hometown pride

You can take the girl out of Cincinnati ... The Ohio Republican County that Could Tip the Election.

It might be more interesting if they profiled the next county over. Clermont, I think, has even more issues.

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jess said...

Thanks So much for the sweet comment- it's amazing how clueless and amazing mothers can be, all at the same time!

I'm glad you identify with the shame. It took me a really long time to get past it but now I feel embarrassed for ever feeling shame to begin with! I think that sharing experiences about how and when we are able to work through things could not only help others but strengthen our own recovery, you know?

So I've spent the past hour or so going through your posts (Reeeally don't want to do my paper and it doesn't hurt that they're fascinating) and I really like that you bring in a mix of feelings at the time and more serious world issues that concern more than merely yourself as well- somethin I may have to learn from you!

Do you mind if I add you to the blog roll?

Have a great Sunday- I think I have farmers market plans... depending on the rain!