Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is not okay

Last night there was a shooting across the street from my school. Three men, all in their 30s. One died. Guys, this happened where I take my class when we have a fire drill. So many of my students live on that block. He's got to be someone's dad or uncle or cousin or something.

Earlier this week, I found out that the reason one of my favorites* has been coming in messier than usual is because her mother packed up and left a week ago. Her 11-year-old sister has been taking care of her and their 6-year-old sister. An older sister? cousin? comes by sometimes, but she uses food as discipline and they're always hungry. And apparently this has happened before.

None of the sisters came to school on Thursday or Friday. A social worker drove by their apartment and said it looked like no one had been living there - there was trash in the cans, but no lights or noise. Nobody knows where they are. Three little girls are basically missing - and no police, one social worker, and a couple of teachers.

This is not okay. It's almost my last day of teaching - I should be ecstatic. But all I can think about is where this little girl is.

*If you think teachers shouldn't have favorites, you've obviously never been a teacher.


Silly Girl said...

I am so sorry. I hope the girls are okay.

Harriet said...

Scary - I hope this gets resolved. Keep us posted.

Carrie Arnold said...


This is so sad- you're a very loving and caring teacher, and I hope these kids are okay.

Mildly disturbing, severely disturbed. said...

Oh no that's so awful. Please let me know that they are okay. :(

Beej said...

I wandered through your door via the 'next blog' button and thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Just wanted to say, great blog!