Sunday, February 21, 2010

Letting it get to me

This winter is getting to me. I feel incredibly stuck.

The snow isn't melting fast enough and I can't figure out if I'm just unable to see past it. Classic pathetic fallacy - monotonous snow, monotonous me. I am boring. And then from "boring" I slip into finding all my other faults.

Okay. In the past I would have just let myself do this until spring, but my mother and I have spent too much time in therapy for that. I am not boring. I have done things. I will do things. And every day, I'm trying to be a better person - even if that just means letting me be me.


Cammy said...

I think February is just a rough month, it seems to breed vaguely tangible discontent, along with sometimes sharp tangibles too...hang in there, take care and treat yourself kindly. <3

PS word verification is "dayfurk". ?

Tiptoe said...

February is definitely an interim month and can be hard to manage. I think the worst is when you have one nice day, and then boom back to winter-dom.

I think letting you be you is a nice thing to do for yourself.

I Hate to Weight said...

winter is rotten. i've hated it since the moment i left the womb.

you are NOT boring. i know i always look for your blog -- you interest me, and i bore easily!

yes, let yourself be, if you can. (can you say more about you and mother going to too much therapy to go down the boring road? i don't think i followed. only respond if you're comfortable, of course.)

Chris said...

i hope you do feel that way. it must be nice to feel not boring. and as far as snow goes.... well sometimes in june, in snows.
i thought i would diiiieeee. i probably did a little.