Saturday, January 2, 2010

Did I mention ...

... that I don't want to go back to work?

... that I am the laziest bride ever? I designed our save-the-dates and invites using Microsoft Publisher templates.

... that I feel like the sloppiest, jiggliest, squishiest person ever?

... that I hate lesson planning? I should be doing that now instead of blogging.

... that I cried multiple times during our viewing of Up last night?

... that not only am I a lazy bride, I'm kind of a lazy blogger and I use gimmicks sometimes?

Oh readers. I love you so.


Cammy said...

We love you too. And I think that most of the items on your list result just from being human, which unfortunately is one thing that is indeed out of your control, but we must play the hands we're dealt...

Ok, joking aside, you have a LOT going on! And it is normal to have a ton of emotions going on at a time like this. If anyone is actually cares (if they could even tell, which I doubt) that your invites were from a Microsoft template, you probably didn't want them at your wedding anyway. Hang in there, you deserve much more credit than you give yourself.

Did you see 'Up' with Jim? Seems like it would be especially poignant for people about to marry.

Tiptoe said...

I agree with Cammy on this, just human nature...that and post-holiday nuances.

You do have a lot going on with planning a wedding and all. I don't know many brides to be who were not stressed out during that time with multiple other emotions resonating.

Give yourself slack, okay.

Harriet said...

We're all lazy at this time of year. Who can think of work? And what better way of designing cards than using MS Publisher? Is there another way?

I Hate to Weight said...

nothing wrong with a little slothfulness. i am famously lazily and believe it to be part of my charm.

i should be filling out grad school applications as i write this. i've been procrastinating for weeks and weeks.

with work. it sounds really rough. can you talk more about it? are you planning to stay?

with whatever you're doing (or not doing), it's all okay. and things do manage to work out.

i jiggle too

Lisa said...

IHTW - all I can say is that I don't know. I've applied for a few other jobs but in this economy, I might be stuck.